Press pictures 

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Future-researcher Matthias Horx and Werner Seidenschwarz: Some future developments are easier to predict than we believe.

Member of the Board of Management at Bayer, Wolfgang Plischke describes the culture of innovation at Bayer.

Alexander von Witzleben, Chairman of the board of Jenoptik AG, explains the entrepreneurial approach of product development at Jenoptik.

President of the TU Munich Wolfgang Herrmann, illustrates the way of his Technical University to the international top group.

Klaus Wucherer shows differences between German, American, Chinese and Indian development strategies.

Eduard Gerum puts accross a picture of how an international medium-sized company successfully stands its ground in international development competition.

Bernd Leukert outlines how to have an impact on markets.

Klaus Wucherer, Member of the Corporate Executive Committee of Siemens AG and Werner Seidenschwarz are curiously listening to the intensive discussions in the plenum concerning the relocation of innovations.