15th international Starnberg Management Days

Entrepreneurially leading change

- Succesfully managing transformation and day-to-day business, without forgetting the customer -

The 15th international Starnberg Management Days with excellent speakers and intensive discussions in an extraordinary atmosphere – booked out to the last seat and an insider tip in the business landscape.

The focus was on the following questions:

  • How can one successfully manage change over a period of several years?
  • How can change be managed from an overall company point of view?
  • How can you deal with the legacy of earlier times when you want to make a significant move forward?
  • How does sales accelerate the further development of business models?
  • How can old and new worlds of IT be brought together?

The most important statements of the event at a glance … develop so much benefit from the changes that customers recognise the added value and are prepared to pay for the newly emerging solutions.

Werner Seidenschwarz: “The trend towards hypersensitivity to contrary ideas and over-egoism as a widespread attitude are increasingly influencing the way people deal with each other - in society and in business.” In addition, Werner Seidenschwarz emphasized in his opening speech that digitalisation only works if it leads to a benefit in the end product that can be perceived by the customer.

Reinhold Würth emphasized that even in phases of major changes at Würth the following principle always applies: "Growth without profitability is fatal".

Reinhold Würth and Werner Seidenschwarz (in conversation with Bernd Herrmann, Member of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group) agreed that only appreciation for the customer and a good cooperative company culture opens the door to wanting to change as a company and to be able to do so.

Stefan Asenkerschbaumer embodied with his appearance that for a CFO “entrepreneurial competence with a correspondingly deep understanding of the operative business is indispensable today.” A CFO who is purely focused on numbers will not be accepted in the company, especially in phases of change.

Taking the Future Combat Air System as an example, Dirk Hoke explained how a company based in Germany can maintain and develop its position in space and armaments policy in interaction with European and German politics.

Peter Maffay described his experiences with the work in the Peter Maffay Foundation and how visions can be realized through music and social commitment. Directly afterwards Werner Seidenschwarz handed over a 10.000,-- € cheque to support his foundation for disadvantaged children - a sum which was spontaneously increased by another 10.000,-- € by a visibly emotionally moved participant.

Captain Lieutenant Michael Furtner used the example of "exfiltrating" special forces from submarines to teach how to cope with extreme situations without losing sight of the goal.

Axel Kaltofen told how a high-tech company from Klingenberg am Main was able to make a lasting impression on the Super Bowl officials in the USA.

Jürgen Kunz gave the participants a strategy on how to make their way into the new IT world and find the courage to cut off old habits in IT - which is not always easy, but if you act early, you can prevent immense costs - and if you don't, it can cost a lot of money.

Holger Böhme emphasized the role of sales in orchestrating the transition from product business to a complex solutions business in material handling.

We look forward to welcoming you again in 2020 at the 16th international Starnberg Management Days at Lake Starnberg. Please use the obligatory pre-registration after the appointment blocker. Then your place is secured.