Change Management

Leadership & Corporate Change

The ability of enterprises to manage change, at least to a certain degree, is nowadays a critical success factor. Corporate change, i.e. active business change, means not to wait for external fate, but to understand the unknown and actively want to change.

To address corporate change requires a strategy that is feasible, communicable and where its implementation can be measured. Corporate change requires in many cases a departure from a prevailing logic within a company. We support you in developing and implementing concrete change strategies and instruments within the meaning of "hard" performance measurement concepts and "soft" approaches such as leadership, personnel development and corporate culture.

To these ends, all our consultants at Seidenschwarz & Comp. work according to the principles from idea to value®: customer-and market-oriented, efficient and value-creating with a strong relationship to the people in the changing organizations.

Our services

Our integrated consulting services in the field of corporate leadership and change can be mainly divided into three categories: in the direct support of leaders in the management process, in the process of monitoring the management of corporate changes and in the category of training, seminars and conferences.

We support leaders with the "calibration" of their everyday leadership life and in working out their daily management process. This concerns both, the forms of their own leadership as well as the everyday organizational design, planning and control within the company and the field of goal setting and target setting.

Our process support with change processes applies to both hard and soft factors. Based on scientific evidence (corresponding own scientific publications) and a many years' experience of change projects, we concentrate our change management approach to typical and recurring patterns of corporate change. We do not want to say that everything in a company can be controlled. In many cases, a company and its leaders are not fully aware of the leeways (positive as well as negative ones) that do exist in the process of change.

Finally, we support our customers with in-house seminars and open-access premium-seminars to establish and develop business skills. Above all these events is of course our flagship, the Starnberg Management Days.


Our methods applied in the field leadership and corporate change are scientifically sound and tested over many years in practice. In the development of leadership, change and process strategies, we rely on a system-oriented management approach, which assumes that changes are borne by people and people live in social systems. This means that, in order for organizations to maintain their adaptability and competitiveness, it depends on employees that are willing to learn, motivated and excellently trained. This is the central prerequisite for the translation of performance potential through competitive structures and processes with the highest degree of excellence into customer solutions.

For that reason, Seidenschwarz & Comp. developed practically proven consulting methods that put effective leadership, human resources and organizational development at the center. Exemplary methods are management by objectives, feedback and staff meetings, staffing and personnel policies, job enlargement and enrichment, business process optimization and process management, learning with coaches and mentors as well as employee satisfaction analysis.

All methods and techniques are concentrated in our from idea to
value® concept to manage corporate change, which is based on the proven assumption that fundamental changes in companies follow typical basic recurring patterns. Compliance with relevant principles makes it easier for management teams and staff to pursue orientation paths in change processes and successfully influence corporate change.