12th Starnberg Management Days

The Starnberg Management Days of Seidenschwarz & Comp. was „on tour“.

The event took place on November 30th and December 1st, 2015 in the Porsche factory next to the Porsche test track in Leipzig.

Revolution in Sales 

– Who is afraid of the change? … and what if it comes?

The Revolution in Sales has begun. While in B2C it has been ongoing for quite some time, B2B is at the doorstep of major change – slow in some industries, disruptive in others. Established industry players are faced with game changers which act across traditional industries and question existing sales and business models. Sales is at the forefront of those developments. Without a strong role of Sales, no company can be re-invented. At the same time, this offers great opportunities for “non-sales people” to mirror business model considerations with a close relation to the market and avoid the oftentimes rather abstract discussions.

With the entering of digital technologies, new possibilities to further develop Sales are created. While the role of established sales channels is decreasing tremendously in some areas, digital channels open new opportunities. Successful sales models emerge where traditional and new channels are seamlessly integrated in a modern multi-channel sales model in which customers can interact „without borders“ across sales channels and countries. However, markets in some countries are completely different. One of the biggest „unknown“ area for about any international company is the question how India will develop.

With speeches and practical experience from:

  • Gregorio Borgo (General Manager Operations of Pirelli and member of the group management in Milan)
  • Georg Bauer (Vice President Financial Services Europe & Asia-Pacific of the US electro pioneer Tesla)
  • Philip Dock, (Global Head Product & Supplier Management of RS Components, one of if not the global leader in digital B2B sales)
  • Uwe Häberer (Head of Region Germany of the Siemens Digital Factory division, thought leader in digital multi-channel sales and member of the advisory board of the Leading Sales circle)
  • Jörg Fitzek (Managing Director of the India operations and head of Sales for India and Middle East with the “hidden champion” R. Stahl)
  • Jonathan Peaurt (worldwide sales head of  R. Stahl AG)
  • Robert Schäfer (Manager of Dynamo Dresden)


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