Sales & Services

Sales as the driver of the company – how do I make the "sales mache" fit?

Today, many good products are on the market. But who wants to stand out from the crowd and grow profitable on the long-term needs to serve customers faster, more flexible, efficient and suitable than its competitors. But the "Sales Machine" is not always running smooth.

Your challenge

Whenever growth declines, the pressure increases in sales: more sales, higher margins, with distribution at the lowest possible cost. Reasons for lack of sales success can be as varied as the leverage for optimization. Are the right customer segments addressed? Are the distribution channels profitable and coordinated with one another? Is there waste in the distribution process? Did the sales organization keep pace with the professionalization of the global procurement organization of large customers?

Our Solution - Your Value

Whether with a "quick scan" or lean sales concepts - we accompany you from the analysis to the implementation and thereby focus on the essentials. Sales strategies combine the strengths of sales to the right customers and channels. The appropriate sales organization and streamlined processes ensure that the scarce distribution resources work efficiently. Sales systematics and incentive systems support the sales staff in selling and aligns them at the strategic targets.